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[China-sports]Inner Mongolia to host international circuit offroad championship - Sports[Page:1]

HOHHOT, China -- An international circuit offroad championship is to set off on December 23 in Evenk Autonomous Banner of Hulunbuir City, northern China's Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, local sports officials said on Saturday.
More than 120 domestic and overseas drivers with their vehicles from 20 teams will compete in the time trials, local sports officials said.
The circuit for the event covers an area of more than 10 hectares, and each lap of the track is three kilometers.
An estimated of 10,000 audience will arrive and enjoy car racers' performances, organizers said.
The championship is part of a series of events during the upcoming ice and snow Naadam fair in Hulunbuir City, whose average temperature in December is lower than -20 degrees Celcius.
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