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Yao Ming's participation in a new campaign highlights his commitment to responsible drinking.
A collaboration with the world's largest beer producer, Anheuser-Busch InBev, the micro film, titled Price of Love - No Drunken Driving was unveiled in Shanghai last week jointly by China Alcoholic Drinks Association and the Shanghai Police Department, which both praised the campaign against driving while intoxicated.
"With the joint efforts from all levels of society, the number of deaths caused by drunken-driving has decreased by more than 40 percent this year and we welcome more programs like the movie to educate people of driving safely," says Wang Meigen, vice-captain of Shanghai traffic police corps.
With a light, humorous tone, the film tells how Yao, who plays the role of a designated driver, has to deal with a series of bad consequences from outsourcing his job on his wedding anniversary, says AB InBev in a statement.
The full version has been made public on the Internet and Yao expects the total online hits could reach 100 million.
"Never drink and drive, please choose a designated driver for the sake of love for all," says Yao. "We hope everybody can think carefully before drinking, for not only your families and friends but also every passerby."
Despite having appeared in a number of commercials, it is Yao's first-ever micro film calling for rational drinking and driving habits.
It's not the first time AB InBev has collaborated with Chinese celebrities to promote responsible drinking as it also shot a similar film with entertainer couple Sha Yi and Hu Ke, which was viewed more than 55 million times online.
AB InBev also announced joining the Yao Ming Foundation, and will make donations to build Hope Primary Schools and basketball courts for students in rural China.
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