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[China-opinion]Should mukbanger be banned? - Opinion[Page:1]

Editor' note: Mukbang is usually defined as a livestreamed eating show where the host binge-eats. A heated discussion about whether mukbanger, or Chibo in Chinese, be banned went viral on Chinese social media Weibo since the call to stop wasting food. China Daily readers share their ideas.
Mark (US)
Many of us can agree that mukbangs are weird and disgusting because they are extremely overweight, have an annoying personality or eat in a disgusting manner where they eat their food with their mouth open or don't chew. Also, mukbang is not an amazing talent. Anyone can do it. Just buy a fast food meal, ramble about your personal life, eat the food in a disgusting manner and make weird moaning sounds and boom you are officially part of the mukbang community.

Mukbanger eats crayfish while live streaming on their mobile phones to "share the delicacy" with netizens via Douyin. [Photo/Sipa]
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