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[China-regional]Should euthanasia be allowed? - Opinion[Page:1]

Editor's note: Marieke Vervoort, a Paralympic gold medalist from Belgium, died aged 40 after ending her life through euthanasia on Tuesday. As early as in 2008, she signed the papers authorizing doctors to help her die. Euthanasia is legal in Belgium but illegal in most parts of the world. Should euthanasia be legalized? Forum readers share their opinions.
amandatutu (China)
Euthanasia is beneficial to the terminally-ill patients and their families. It is inhumane to allow a person to die a slow painful death and force their families watch their beloved live in misery every day. Those who suffer from incurable illness should be allowed to decide to die without pain.

An electronic voting board shows the results of a vote on a new law to allow euthanasia for terminally ill children of any age at the Belgian Parliament in Brussels February 13, 2014. Belgium becomes the first country to allow euthanasia for terminally ill children of any age when its lower house of parliament voted on a new "right-to-die" legislation. [Photo/Agencies]
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