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The University of International Business and Economics hosted its International Dialogue 2017 Annual Convention in Beijing over Nov 25-26.
Speaking at the event, Wang Jiaqiong, president of the UIBE, said: "This year's topic (The Opening-Up in the New Era & Youth Exchange) not only expresses the confidence of promoting economic globalization, but also expresses the hope that the youth will take responsibility."
Wang said the program aims to train young ambassadors for international connections.
"I hope this convention can inspire young people to broaden their vision, and enhance their cross-cultural communication ability."
Zhang Baijia, former deputy director of Party History Research Center of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, said: "Dialogue is an important way to communicate with each other, unlike argument or negotiation, where both sides seek common points while reserving differences."
UIBE's Global Development and Creative Youth Project was officially launched during the annual convention, with more than 140 students from 25 countries joining in the inaugural year of the project.
The project is an international scientific research activity for the youth of the world.
As part of the project, students form 25 research groups, with each group selecting one topic to do five months of research.
Their topics focus on issues in global development related to youth, including the Belt and Road Initiative.
With the selection of topics and scope of inquiry finalized, the teams took part in a round-table conference during the annual convention to discuss their proposals.
Each group was assigned a professor from the UIBE or from universities abroad.
Meanwhile, two writing workshops will be held in January and March, and all groups have to complete their essays by the end of March.
The UIBE Research Center on Youth Exchange was also launched at the convention.
The center aims to build a platform for Chinese and foreign youth to exchange ideas.
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