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Huang Citong, a 74-year-old retired factory worker in Changsha, Hunan province, has changed people's stereotypes of old grandmas. [Photo provided to China Daily]
This is not your typical oatmeal-chewing, square dance-loving grandmother.
Black tinted shades, burning red lips, fuzzy fur coats, the 74-year-old retired factory woman from Changsha, capital of Hunan province, wears them with style and swagger like any chic young models.
Huang Citong never imagined herself dressed like a celebrity before. In fact, she still blushes when discussing her photos, taken by her 20-year-old granddaughter Guo Jingjing.
Guo is a college senior who loves fashion and photography. In February last year, Huang came to visit and Guo was captivated by her grandmother's aura of elegance.
"She was sweet and outgoing, but her cloths were mediocre, so I wanted to change people's stereotypes of old grandmas," Guo said.
She told her grandmother that she needed help with a school project. Huang agreed and the first photoshoot started right away near their home around Songya Lake.
There wasn't much preparation and everything had to be improvised during the shoot, even Huang's clothes were from Guo's own closet.
"I had one condition锛峮ot too weird please," Huang said.
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