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Los Angeles-based Compart茅s Chocolatier is a true star. With roots dating to 1950, its clientele back then included Marilyn Monroe and the Kennedys. After the shop changed hands about a decade ago, the traditional chocolatier was reinvigorated with modern colours and an artful style. With more than 200 different, often quirky flavors today, it continues to attract a who's who of Hollywood stars.
In 2008, Compart茅s was bought by a local family who was passionate about chocolate. Their then-15-year-old son, Jonathan Grahm, eventually took over the business, bringing with him a new vision of "chocolate as art". Often choosing the classic dark chocolate as a base, Grahm adds a plethora of unconventional flavours to the shop's wildly creative menu 鈥 think cactus, avocado, French toast and the popular American campfire treat s'mores. If you love your chocolate with a bit of a kick, you may also be curious to try out the Mo?t & Chandon champagne, sangria, apple cider and wine flavours.
The design of Compart茅s chocolate is often inspired by the city of Los Angeles and its inhabitants, from the uniquely hand-sprayed "art graffiti bar" to a collaboration with LA-based interior and lifestyle designer Kelly Wearstler. In the latter collection, the charming-looking chocolate bars are decorated generously with edible 24-karat gold leaves, miniature multicoloured sugar crystals and ice cream sprinkles. In addition to good cacao, it seems good style is also a key ingredient in the recipe.


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