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The 79th International Green Week Berlin agriculture fair was officially opened on Thursday evening.
At the opening ceremony, Hans-Peter Friedrich, Germany's new agriculture minister, called for increasing global food production to secure food supply for the growing population.
The fair, which claimed to be the largest exhibition for agriculture, food industry and horticulture, will open for visitors from Friday morning and last until Jan. 26.
A total of 1,650 exhibitors from 70 countries will participate in the fair. Their display, which covers an area of 124,000 square meters, is expected to attract more than 400,000 visitors, including 100,000 trade visitors, according to Messe Berlin, organizer of the Green Week.
During the fair, some 300 conferences, meetings and seminars will also be organised for discussions over the trend in the industry.
"The Green Week combines displays for the experts and the public. Besides being a global display of the achievements and capabilities of agriculture and the food industry and a unique experience for the general public, its importance for agricultural policymaking is unrivalled," said Christian Goeke, CEO of Messe Berlin.
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