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There are various theories about the origin of Singles Day in China. One of the most popular is that Singles Day originated from campus culture. In 1993, four senior students at Nanjing University came up with the idea of organizing activities on Nov 11 as a day for single people. With more and more people joining in, this festival was gradually adopted by society; with the spread of media and online culture, Singles Day is now hugely popular.
At the same time, Nov 11 is also a shopping carnival. "Double 11" originated from the online promotion held by Taobao (Tmall) on Nov 11, 2009. With the popularity of online shopping, the turnover of "Double 11" Shopping Festival reached 213.5 billion in 2018, up from 52 million in 2009.
When shopping day meets Singles Day, what will people do? What "professional advice" can "skilled insiders" give? In the eyes of others, what items can make you more attractive?
Welcome to the "Double 11" special program— "I won't be available next year."
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