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Chinese female celebrities with bold red lips. [Photo/IC]
There鈥檚 a saying going around fashion circles: 鈥淓verything can be solved by a lipstick; if it still doesn鈥檛 work well, then you should use two.鈥
As winter is coming, many fashion talents choose to dress more conservatively by wearing a dark coat. Also, the freezing cold air makes you want to shorten your complicated makeup process as much as possible.
So, here鈥檚 the problem: How can you spend the long winter without looking wan and washed out?
How about choosing one or two lipsticks? The bright and bold red color always renders a sense of warmth to the face, creates a visual effect, and enhances self-confidence as well.
Now, let鈥檚 learn from female celebrities about how to choose lipstick.
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